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Marshall Space Flight Center Engineer Tim Lovell receives Manager’s Commendation

HUNTSVILLE, AL (September 2016) — Tim Lovell, a Project Systems Engineer for Aerodyne

Industries at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), was recently awarded the Manager’s

Commendation, the highest honor bestowed by the Space Launch System Program Office.

Recipients of the award are recognized for the vital roles they are performing in building

American’s most powerful rocket, the SLS.

Lovell works on the Engineering and Science Services and Skills Augmentation (ESSSA)

contract at MSFC. He was recognized for his exceptional leadership and technical excellence

in the development and coordination of the SLS Integrated Spacecraft and Payload Element

(ISPE) to the Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) interfaces effort.

John Honeycutt, Manager of the SLS Program Office, praised Lovell’s efforts in the

commendation letter: “The Space Launch System is a highly visible asset to this nation, and

because of you, we are reaching significant milestones and making history. Your unwavering

dedication to the integrity of the SLS and the safety of its team is sincerely appreciated.”


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