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Aerodyne Industries Florida
Kennedy Space Center

At Kennedy Space Center, Aerodyne has Program Level IT responsibilities on the Consolidated Operations, Management, Engineering & Test (COMET) contract. We have a key role in the development of the ground launch processing.

  • Software

  • Engineering Electrical, Mechanical & SW

  • Information Technology Management

  • Cyber Security

  • Systems Administration

  • Network and Software Engineering

  • Desktop IT Support

  • Project Management

  • Safety and Quality Engineering

  • Procurement and Logistics

Ames Research Center
Ames Research Center

At Ames Research Center, Aerodyne technicians perform high speed imaging for space research applications as well as maintenance and operations on the wind tunnel testing system on the Aerospace Testing and Facilities Operations and Maintenance (ATOM)-5 contract. We also perform materials engineering with a focus on ceramic thermal protection systems. We also provide technical experience to support the Intelligent Systems Division with scientific research, technologies & app developments on the Intelligent Systems Research & Design Support (ISRDS)-3 contract.

  • High Speed Camera Operations in Gun Lab, Sensors Lab and Specialized Machine Shop

  • Calibration of instrumentation used for Wind Tunnel Test Operations

  • Materials Engineering and Laser Enhanced Arc Jet Testing of ceramic thermal protection systems being developed for space applications

  • Design, fabrication, programming, installation, testing and initial operations of 200-kW radiant heating system augmenting the Interactive Heating Facility (IHF) arc jet

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

At the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Aerodyne employees supports the Deep Space Network (DSN O&M) contract with program logistics and transportation support to ensure that critical ground systems hardware and spares are rapidly dispatched to key antenna sites around the world. We also are building a fully steerable, 34-meter dish antenna, known as Deep Space Station (DSS)-23, for the Deep Space Network in Goldstone, California.

  • Program Logistics Support

  • Extensive Deep Space Antenna Design Capabilities 

Marshall Space Flight Center
Marshall Space Flight Center

At Marshall Space Flight Center, Aerodyne provides a variety of engineering disciplines that include Stress Analysis, Systems Engineering, Propulsion Testing, Simulation Development, GNC Support, Software Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Testing and Ground Operations Support for the SLS program on the Engineering Services and Science Capability Augmentation (ESSCA) contract.

  • Software Test Planning

  • Simulation Architecture

  • Propulsion Testing

  • Computational fluid dynamics

  • Guidance, Navigation & Control (GN&C) test and integration

  • Plasma torch testing

  • Vehicle separation dynamics

  • Independent risk assessment of SLS program Support operations and maintenance requirements for assembly and checkout and prelaunch and launch processing and structural analysis

  • Support to the software lifecycle development phases for CMMI maturity level 2 simulation software Engineering support for the software testing and evaluation, verification of requirements

  • Software design and coding analyses

  • Instrumentation and Controls Engineering support to the propulsion test area and structural test area Software Integrated Lab for SLS flight simulations

Kennedy Space Center - Aerodyne
Kennedy Space Center

On the Base Operations and Spaceport Services (BOSS) contract, Aerodyne supports the operations and maintenance of facilities, systems, equipment, and utilities for launches at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCDFS). 

  • Configuration Management

  • Information Technology Management

  • Systems Engineering

  • Electrical, Mechanical & SW

  • Engineering

  • Property Management

  • Safety and Quality Engineering

  • Procurement and Logistics

Johnson Space Center Aerodyne Industries Florida
Johnson Space Center

In Houston, Aerodyne supports three major contracts: JSC Engineering, Technology and Sciences (JETS) II, which provides a broad spectrum of Engineering skills; the Mission Systems Operations Contract (MSOC), which provides technical, managerial, and administrative support to the Flight Operations Directorate's Mission Systems, and the Safety and Mission Assurance Engineering Contract (SMAEC) II.

  • Structural and Stress Analysis

  • Aerodynamics and Aerothermal Modeling

  • Parachute Dynamics, Robotics

  • Flight Safety Hazard Analysis

  • Project Engineering, Systems Engineering & Integration

  • RF and Comm, Avionics Systems

  • Systems Design

  • Flight Software Development

  • Materials Engineering and Planetary Research

  • Support ISS, Orion, and Commercial Space Programs

Langley Research Center
Stennis Space Flight Center
Langley Research Center

At Stennis Space Flight Center and Langley Research Center, Aerodyne provided mobile information technology (IT) services, peripherals and accessories, associated end-user services, and supporting infrastructure on the Agency Consolidated End- User Services (ACES) Contract.

Goddard Space Flight Center
Goddard Space Flight Center

At Goddard Space Flight Center, Aerodyne is proud to team with KBR on a joint venture known as ASES in support of the Mechanical Integrated Services and Technology (MIST) II contract. The joint venture provides a wide range of engineering services that includes design, analysis, and verification services; technical support for development of space flight, airborne and ground-based instruments and equipment; as well as research and technology development support services for new NASA missions.

 We also provide engineering support for all projects related to future space and science missions on the Omnibus Multidiscipline Engineering Services (OMES) II contract.

Glenn Research Center Aerodyne Industries Florida
Glenn Research Center

At NASA’s Glenn Research Center near Cleveland, OH, Aerodyne provides support information technology, cybersecurity, communications and program management on the Professional, Administrative, Computational and Engineering (PACE V) services contract. 

Aerodyne Industries

Aerodyne Industries Produced Hardware
Installed on the International Space Station

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