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Aerodyne Industries’ Tom Alfaro named to the Artemis I Primary MCO Launch Team

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Members of the Artemis I launch team participate in a countdown simulation inside the Launch Control Center’s Firing Room 1 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Feb. 3, 2020.

Join us in congratulating Tom Alfaro for being selected as a member of the Artemis I Primary Master Console Operations (MCO) Launch Team supporting the Firing Room inside the Launch Control Center (LCC) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Firing Room 1, which was renamed the Young-Crippen Firing Room in April 2006 in tribute to the 25th Anniversary of the maiden Space Shuttle flight, received a significant upgrade in preparation of the Artemis Launch Team. The firing rooms are the hub of the Spaceport Command and Control System. All activities involved in preparing rockets, spacecraft and payloads for flight can be controlled by engineers sitting at computer terminals in the firing rooms.

The Master Console is responsible for supporting all activities within the Firing Room requiring the use of the Launch Control System (LCS). Responsibilities include provisioning software, configuring network and system, initializing servers and PWS, monitoring system health, and terminating the servers and workstations after testing completes, within the LCS.

The MCO Launch Team is responsible for the health and status of the LCS as a whole. They also manage the configuration of firing room assets, monitor the status of all the servers for LCS, ensure the validity of data being transmitted across LCS, and also provide IT Support to other test teams using LCS assets.

Tom, a graduate of the University of Central Florida, is involved with the LCS Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Incident Management Procedures. Incident Management applies to hurricanes, mishaps, major events and disaster preparations, actions during and immediately following, and recovery.

Aerodyne Industries
Pictured: Tom poses in front of the core stage of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket for Artemis I during its arrival at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.


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