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Freddy Perez talks to Elementary Students about the Artemis Program

Freddy Perez presents his briefing on Aerodyne and Artemis during Vargas Elementary School’s Science Night.

Freddy Perez, Lead Technician supporting the ATOM V contract at NASA’s Ames Research Center, recently gave a presentation to students during Science Night at the Vargas Elementary School in Sunnyvale, CA.

More than 100 students and parents attended the event, in which Freddy discussed working on the Space Launch Systems and Artemis rocket. Freddy had first-hand knowledge supporting Artemis - he spent his summer on loan to the Kennedy Space Center.

“There were plenty of questions and many special thanks from several parents,” said Freddy.

The highlight of the presentation was wearing technician uniforms and raffles for Aerodyne and NASA swag.

“The presentation was a success!” said Freddy. “I think there are a few more children who were convinced that working in science is a lot cooler than they initially thought.”

Various students had the opportunity to try on Technician Uniforms and Protective Equipment.

Aerodyne swag was given away as raffle prizes.


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