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Aerodyne Industries Trio honored at the Johnson Space Center 2023 Annual Awards Banquet

Pictured is a group of JETS II teammates after receiving their awards at the banquet on Friday, February 23rd

A trio of Aerodyne Industries employees were honored with 2023 Annual Awards for their support to the JSC Engineering Technology and Science (or JETS) II contract at the Johnson Space Center at the annual Awards Banquet held Feb. 23, 2024, in Friendswood, TX.

Clem Herbert, a Power Supply Assembly (or PSA)-2 Deputy Software Lead/Developer, received a Software Excellence Award. Wesley Bonura, Test Director, and Daniel Ward, Test Director/Project Engineer, received a Superior Team Award for their support to the JF12, Facility and Test Management Group.

Over the past year, Herbert provided outstanding software support for multiple projects in the Engineering Department, including the Multilayer Acoustic Conductive-grid Sensor (or MACS) and PSA-2 projects. He serves as the behind-the-scenes software guru who enables these projects to be so successful. He not only delivers high quality flight software ahead of schedule, but also helps the project solve other critical issues even if they are not specifically software related. 

Bonura and Ward were among a nine-member Test Director team recognized for extraordinary efforts and outstanding contributions during FY23.

“I feel honored to have been a part of the great team that received an award for superior performance,” said Bonura. “Having a busy testing schedule is challenging but rewarding, and we couldn’t have succeeded without the support of our technicians and engineers.”

The team supported an increased number of tests and associated workloads, which more than doubled over the past four years. 

“Receiving this award for our team's superior performance is not just a recognition of our hard work, but it's a validation of the countless hours we've poured into our tasks, pushing through adversity, and the unwavering commitment we've shown to each other and to our collective goals,” said Ward. “To be acknowledged among such a talented group of individuals is truly humbling.”

 “We are so proud of all of our honorees,” said Aerodyne CEO Andrew Allen. “Clem, Wesley and Daniel epitomize the dedication and hard work exhibited by all of our teammates supporting NASA at the Johnson Space Center.”

L to R: Clem Herbert, Wesley Bonura, Daniel Ward


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