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    HOUSTON, FL (December 2016) — Aerodyne Industries LLC presented its President’s Award

    to Melissa Borrego in December for her outstanding support to the JSC Engineering Technology

    and Science (JETS) contract at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.

    The President’s Award is given annually to an Aerodyne employee for accomplishments that

    best demonstrate the qualities of technical performance, management performance, customer

    service excellence and community involvement. Each year the Company presents a

    President’s Award for its operations at Johnson Space Center in Texas and Kennedy Space

    Center in Florida.

    Melissa, who earned a Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Houston at Clearlake,

    demonstrated exemplary performance in both critical Systems and Project Engineering roles.

    Her support and expertise ensured the certification and delivery of one of the earliest Class I-E

    projects, the Acoustic Multipurpose Cargo Transfer Bag (AMCTB), to the International Space

    Station, and she initiated work on the Universal Waste Management System (UWMS).

    The UWMS is being developed as a collaborative effort between several stakeholders/contracts

    and represents a significant integration challenge, making her role as the systems engineer

    critical to the project’s success.

    Aerodyne CEO Andrew “Andy” Allen commended Melissa for her many contributions: “Melissa,

    your technical expertise, leadership, professionalism and dedication are all ideals that Aerodyne

    Industries highly values in employees and this is why you are being recognized with the 2016

    Aerodyne Industries Presidents Award. Congratulations!”