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Aerodyne CEO Andy Allen Published

May 2020 - Nobel Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway supposedly once said: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Whether or not the quote attributed to the great American novelist is true is beside the point; it is an excellent description of the pain-staking process to write and eventually get published.

Hopefully, for CEO Andy Allen, no blood was spilt during his recent contribution to a book entitled, Project Management – Strategies to Enhance Workflow & Productivity.” It is the latest in an anthology series, The Refractive Thinker®, in which best-selling author Dr. Cheryl A. Lentz helps doctoral scholars publish their writings.

Following is the book’s description on Amazon: “Join NASA Astronaut Andy Allen and contributing scholars as they discuss doctoral research findings regarding the exciting field of project management. Doctoral scholars will share current research and their words of wisdom regarding effective strategies project managers use to enhance workflow and increase productivity.”

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