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Sey Ghamari Aerodyne Industries


Vice President of Program Management

A self-confessed 'space geek' since he watched men land on the moon in 1969, Sey has had an illustrious and award-winning aerospace career that spans more than 34 years. As Aerodyne's Vice President of Program Management, he is responsible for developing new business strategies and capturing and executing NASA and Department of Defense Programs.

Sey has more than 25 years of diversified engineering, innovative R&D and Project Management leadership in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Goddard Space Flight Center spacecraft tracking and communication-related technologies. He has held numerous senior level management positions, including Senior Program Manager for Raytheon (JPL), Program Manager for BAE Systems (JPL and Goddard), and Project Manager for Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC).

Sey has also managed multiple spacecraft tracking projects overseas, teaming and subcontracting with foreign government entities such as ASIRO in Australia and INTA in Spain.

He has also garnered numerous awards and citations, including NASA's recognition of Raytheon as the Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year at JPL in 2011.​

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