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Maria Peña selected as Aerodyne Teammate Principal of SMAEC II

Join us in congratulating Maria (Letty) Peña for being selected as the Teammate Principal of the Safety & Mission Assurance Engineering Contract (SMAEC II) in support of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Under this contract, Aerodyne Industries provides safety engineering, reliability engineering, quality engineering, quality assurance, and software assurance to the International Space Station, Orion and Commercial Crew Programs, and the Extravehicular Activity Project Office.

Letty currently supports SMAEC as Backroom Operations Lead. She has supported the contract as an Electrical Power System (EPS) Vehicle Safety Engineer for the past three years, where she also assisted the Gateway program with hazard report development. She received her International Space Station (ISS) Mission Evaluation Room (MER) Safety Ops Console certification in April 2020, where she supported real-time ISS operations for Safety.

Letty worked in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory (SAIL) in multiple positions in the Space Shuttle Program for 22 years. She supported SAIL as an Electrical Power Systems engineer and a Data Processing System engineer for 18 years. She then went on to become SAIL's Avionic Systems Manager for 4 years.

Letty and her husband live in Pearland, Texas. They have five adult children. She enjoys crafting, volunteering at church and attending her youngest daughter's high school drill team performances.

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