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At Aerodyne Industries we recruit, retain and develop a talented and diverse team of engineering and management professionals.  We pride ourselves in everything we do and stand by our sought-after reputation.  Our senior managers have distinguished careers in both the aerospace and Department of Defense industries directing large operational support contacts with an extensive range of personnel and subcontract teams.

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Andrew Allen - Chief Executive Officer

Test Pilot, Top Gun, United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and Space Shuttle Astronaut, CEO Andrew (Andy) Allen has had a distinguished and heralded career that spans more than 35 years in the aerospace industry.

Andy logged more than 900 hours in space as a Pilot and Mission Commander for three Space Shuttle missions.   

Andy’s career literally "spanned the globe" from a Marine Top Gun fighter pilot to three stints as a Space Shuttle Pilot and Mission Commander to his current role as Chief Executive Officer for Aerodyne Industries LLC in Cape Canaveral, FL.​ 

 In 2017, he was recognized by the National Space Club Florida Committee with the Dr. Kurt Debus Award, Florida’s most prestigious space industry honor.  He has received numerous other honors during his illustrious career, including the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal, and NASA Exceptional Service Medal. 

As a former United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, Marine test pilot and NASA astronaut, Andy logged more than 6,000 flight hours in more than 30 different aircraft.  Following his service with NASA and the Marine Corps, he performed in senior leadership positions at NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Johnson Space Center (JSC) and NASA Headquarters, where he proved his ability to lead organizations exceeding 4,500 personnel.

Prior to Aerodyne, Andy spent seven years at KSC, working directly for NASA and United Space Alliance (USA).  During his tenure with USA, Andy served as Associate Program Manager for Ground Operations.  Andy's organization performed Launch Operations and provided maintenance and operational support to the ground infrastructure required for space flight support.

Andy was successful in managing change at NASA when budget cuts required a 50% reduction of the employee base (from 8,000 to approximately 4,000 in ground operations) with no significant reduction in work scope. His team not only performed the level of work required, but also introduced new efficiencies. As a result, overtime was reduced by more than 60 percent and there were more on-time launches than in previous years, and fewer in-flight anomalies.

Andy was also responsible for USA's Shuttle Return-to-Flight effort after the Columbia (STS-107) disaster in February 2003, which required the recovery, identification and subsequent modification of critical Space Shuttle components and related systems prior to the launch of Discovery (STS-114) nearly 30 months later.

Andy has also held several positions at Honeywell, including Vice President (VP) of Space Programs and Requirements, where he led business development for Space Exploration Programs, VP of Sales & Customer Marketing for Space Systems, where he generated $600,000,000 in space systems business, and VP of International Military Aircraft Programs, where he was responsible for over $800,000,000 in annual sales and 400 customers in over 40 countries.


Lee Williams - Chief Operating Officer

Lee Williams is a Senior Executive who has led several large organizations.  His experience includes five years as Vice President of Field Operations for Honeywell's Industrial Automation and Control Systems (2,500 personnel), four years as Vice President of Industrial Operations for Honeywell in Europe (2,000 personnel) and eight years as leader of Honeywell's space business supporting NASA (2,400 personnel).

Lee has extensive experience in transitioning management processes, tools and skills mix requirements to meet changing business requirements and reduce operating costs. Lee has a proven record of effectively structuring complex organizations and making them work. He is a noted management expert who has been sought out to develop systems for companies including United Launch Alliance (ULA), which built the Atlas and Delta launch vehicles.

​​Sey Ghamari, Vice President of Program Management 

A self-confessed "space geek" since he watched men land on the moon in 1969, Sey has had an illustrious and award-winning aerospace career that spans more than 34 years.  As Aerodyne's Vice President of Program Management, he is responsible for developing new business strategies and capturing and executing NASA and Department of Defense Programs.

Sey has more than 25 years of diversified engineering, innovative R&D and Project Management leadership in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Goddard Space Flight Center spacecraft tracking and communication-related technologies.  He has held numerous senior level management positions, including Senior Program Manager for Raytheon (JPL), Program Manager for BAE Systems (JPL and Goddard), and Project Manager for Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC). 

Sey has also managed multiple spacecraft tracking projects overseas, teaming and subcontracting with foreign government entities such as ASIRO in Australia and INTA in Spain.

He has also garnered numerous awards and citations, including NASA's recognition of Raytheon as the Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year at JPL in 2011.​

Carl McManus –  Chief Financial Officer

Carl is a versatile aerospace executive with responsibility for all Financial, Contractual and Administrative activities within the Company.  He's had key roles in three company start-ups and has extensive experience in Business development.  Prior to joining Aerodyne, Carl was Director of Business Management for the $500M Launch Operations Division of United Space Alliance (USA), a Boeing/Lockheed Martin Joint Venture Company.  At USA he also served as Senior Manager in Contracts and Pricing, and held other management positions.  At Lockheed Martin Space Operations Company, Carl served as an advisor to the company President for corporate financial strategy.  He has also held a wide variety of positions in Business Operations, Financial Management and Proposal Development. 

Carl earned his MS degree with a concentration in Government Contract Law from Florida Tech and received his undergraduate degree in Finance from St. Vincent College.  He has earned industry certifications from the National Contract Management Association and the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association. ​